Tariff of Fees

Set out below is a list of fees and charges which you may have to pay in relation to the administration of your loan. The list is not exhaustive and the actual fees may vary depending on the complexity and specific details of your case.

Please note, you will have to pay any costs that we pay to third parties (e.g. solicitors, barristers, receivers, courts, etc.) that we may instruct in the exercise our legal rights, including for the recovery of any money owed to us, or to create or protect our security.

If we apply any other fee to your loan to cover administration costs, we will endeavour to give you reasonable notice, stating the amount of the fee and the nature of the work covered by it.

The fees are subject to annual review and variation in accordance with the terms and conditions of your loan. The latest version of our Tariff of Fees can always be found at https://kseye.co.uk/tariff-of-fees/.

Fees are exclusive of VAT. Where applicable, VAT will be payable in addition to the relevant fee.


Funds transfer feeKSEYE’s fee for electronically transferring funds to you or your solicitor.£25 (per transfer)
Revaluation feeCharged when a revaluation of the property is required after the initial valuation.Variable
Request for redemption statementWhen you request 2 or more redemption statements for the same loan account during a one-month period, we will charge a fee for the 2nd and each subsequent statement.£25 (per statement)
Redemption feeKSEYE’s fee for dealing with full or partial redemption of the loan.£250 (for each full or partial redemption)
Solicitors’ redemption chargesSolicitors’ charges for dealing with full or partial redemption of the loan.Variable, estimated to be £350 for each full or partial redemption
Early repayment charge
(Hybrid BTL Only)
Charged when you repay all or part of your loan before the due date for repayment.3% of amount repaid in months 1-12;
2% of amount repaid in months 13-21; and
0% of amount repaid in months 22-24
Change of term fee (authorised)Charged when an extension to the loan term is granted. (This fee must be paid in advance of the extension coming into effect).From 1% of the loan balance (for each extension)
Change of term fee (unauthorised)Charged if a loan has not been redeemed in full by the due date and no formal extension or other arrangement has been agreed.From 1.25% of the loan balance
Applications for consentKSEYE’s charge for considering and dealing with an application for consent, e.g. consent to lease, planning application, second charge.£250 (per application)
Letter of Non-CrystallisationKSEYE’s charge for providing a letter of non-crystallisation.£250 (per letter)
Deed of PriorityKSEYE’s charge for entering into a deed of priority with another lender.£350
Solicitors’ charges for applications for consent or deeds of prioritySolicitors’ charges for dealing with applications for consent or deeds of priority (if legal advice is required).Variable
Change to terms and conditionsKSEYE’s charge for varying the existing terms and conditions of the loan at your request, e.g. a change to interest payment frequency.£250
Unpaid ground rent/service charge feeKSEYE’s fee for making a payment of ground rent, service charge or any other charge in relation to the security property on your behalf.£150 (in addition to the fee or charge paid)
Referral to recoveries departmentKSEYE’s one-off charge when a customer is referred to the recoveries department.£250
Notice of defaultCharged if a notice of default is issued in relation to your loan account.£250 (per notice)
Monthly arrears feeThis is a monthly fee charged for administering your loan account if you fall one or more months behind with your payments and no arrangement is in place to clear the outstanding payments.£250 per month
Referral to solicitorsKSEYE’s charge for referring your case to external solicitors if you are in default. The monthly arrears fee will continue to apply after such referral.£750
Solicitors’ charges for acting in repossession or receivershipThe legal fees for the repossession and subsequent sale of the property.Variable
Appointment of receiversKSEYE’s charge for dealing with the appointment of LPA receivers if you are in default. The monthly arrears fee will continue to apply after such appointment.£1,250
LPA receiver chargesCharges for the appointment and subsequent costs incurred by an LPA receiver relating to the management and sale of the property.Variable
Agent’s maintenance and sale costsThe agent’s costs for the maintenance and sale of a repossessed property.Variable

Updated: August 2022