Residential Bridging Loans

Residential bridging loans can be used as a short-term loan, offering property investors a fast-funding solution. In the property market bridging loans are used by property investors who are buying or refinancing a property and need a Bridging loan for speed or because the property doesn’t fit a mainstream loan. These short-term bridging loans have terms from 3-12 months. They are great solutions for borrowers who require quick access to finance, where funds are typically released in a matter of days. Our experienced case and relationship managers will provide ongoing continuous support to assist your clients’ deals to complete smoothly.

Residential bridging loans can be effective for buyers in need of a short-term loan, allowing them to take advantage of a property opportunity that they would otherwise have missed. With residential bridging, applications are primarily decided on the value of the property as well as the exit strategy.

Rates From Min Loan Max Loan LTV (Max) Terms Min Valuation Arrangement Fee
0.93% £150,000 £25,000,000 75% 3-12m £250,000 2%

What Can Residential Bridging Loans Be Used For

  • Extensions & refurbishment
  • Flat conversions
  • Property acquisition
  • Lease extensions
  • Developer exits

Product Features Include

  • Loan Amount: £150k – £25m
  • LTV: Up to 75% max
  • Rates: 0.93% pm
  • Location: England & Wales
  • Terms: 3-12 months

KSEYE provides a fast, flexible, and tailored approach for each case. Where transactions are subject to time constraints, the swift nature of bridging loans can help to meet deadlines.
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