Bridging lender KSEYE complete £3.5m loan in 4 days

Bridging lender KSEYE successfully facilitated a £3.5 million loan for a semi-commercial property in 4 working days.

The loan, for an office with flats above in Soho, London, was offered at 65% LTV at a rate of 1% per month. The speed of the completion was due to the efforts of KSEYE’s experienced underwriters and case managers, and the close relationships that KSEYE have with valuer and solicitor partners, who were both able to go above and beyond to ensure this loan was completed in time.

This significant achievement highlights KSEYE’s commitment to delivering truly fast and flexible solutions to its clients, and their ability to go the extra mile where a borrower has a very tight deadline in which to secure funding.

Benjamin Margulies, who introduced the loan to KSEYE, expressed his satisfaction, stating: “I appreciate the smooth and efficient process with the loan completing from start to finish within 4 days! The team is there for you, great to work with, and make sure you get the deal done so a company you can rely on. I will definitely be working with KSEYE on future deals.

KSEYE’s acting solicitors, DKLM discussed their involvement: “We received this case from KSEYE and swiftly started to provide our assistance as acting solicitors to complete the deal. We normally request undertaking from the Borrower’s solicitors using credit-backed terms however, due to the urgency of this deal, Charles, Head of the Bridging team and Partner used the indicative terms to request the undertaking. Charles was constantly in contact with the Borrower’s solicitors over email and phone from start to end on this deal. In addition, whilst we were waiting for the valuation report Charles was working on the draft report to prevent any delays and speed up the process, enabling DKLM to meet the lender’s expectations as well as the Borrower’s and successfully completing the deal within 4 working days.

Marcus Dussard, Sales Director at KSEYE, commented: “An important characteristic of bridging loans is that they can be completed quickly, and this deal showcases KSEYE’s ability to do just that. Throughout 2024 we are confident that our relationships with brokers will go from strength to strength, and that more brokers will see us as their go-to lender for their clients’ bridging needs.


KSEYE is a specialist property finance provider offering bridging finance, having completed over 800 loans totalling over £600m to date and maintaining an active loan book of over £120m.